My custom phone case! (I will upload the original picture later) this picture was intended to be windicuffs but I suppose it can be used to ship other people. Anyway I’ll show you a cheap and easy way to make a custom phone case for under $20!

Step 1. Buy a clear case for your phone (they are very cheap on ebay mine was 2.99 and I’ve seen them for most if not all phones)

Step 2. Buy sticker paper (you can possibly pick some up at the store and id not you can buy 30 sheets for about $10 on

Step 3. Find the picture you want and try your best to make it the right size, then print

Step 4. Flip over your phone case and trace it (preferably with an Xacto blade) to cut it and the camera hole out as well.

Step 5. Bend the paper back til it starts to peel and remove it very slowly and carefully on your phone.

Step 6. Snap on your case and check for any exsess around the edges, if so, lightly scrape it off with your Xacto blade

And that’s it! Enjoy your Homestuck phones!